All Bondsmen-
In the final hour the 3 major bail bills were added to the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee’s agenda to be heard Monday April 8 at 10 AM (originally 2PM now 10am). We are against Rep. Murr’s bill HB 1323 and Rep. Kacal’s HB 2020. . Both of these bills have language for a risk assessment tool that will seriously harm or end our industry in Texas. We are supportive of Rep White’s HB 3283 bill which codifies the 5th and 11th Circuit Courts opinions and requires individualized magistration if defendant claims indigency but also allows the counties to use a bail schedule.
Here is what we need to do:
Call the members that are on the committee and tell them that you are opposed to Rep. Murrs HB 1323 and Rep. Kacal HB 2020 that are both on the Jurisprudence Committee Agenda Monday. Let them know you support Rep Whites HB 3283 also on the agenda Monday. Call before 5PM today or from 8AM to 10AM Monday morning before the hearing begins. Have your employees and family do the same thing!
Criminal Jurisprudence Committee Members
Chairwoman Collier (512) 463-0716
Vice Chair Zedler (512) 463-0374
Rep Keith Bell (512) 463-0458
Rep Gonzalez (512) 463-0408
Rep Hunter (512) 463-0672
Rep King (512) 463-0738
Rep Moody (512) 463-0728
Rep Pacheco (512) 463-0714
These are very quick phone calls but very important so that all the representatives on the committee hear the message loud and clear.
We will circulate a letter soon for everyone to get with their local officials to sign and get back to us for this same cause. Stay tuned and please make these calls today and Monday AM.
We are hoping to see all of you at the Capitol Monday at 9:30 AM Room E2-012. PLEASE CALL NOW!

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